While tucking in my 3-year-old for her nap today, in-between tickles and kisses and drinks and stern ‘now you settle downs’ I’m certain I heard God speak to me. Only I couldn’t quiet the noise in my head and in the room long enough to really think on why he is speaking, and why he said what he did. Of all the things I pray about, dream about, and sometimes worry about, he chooses not to answer my questions or prayers but instead to sear a picture of his love in my mind. For me to retrieve later on.

Because as I look at G, and again was overwhelmed at how much I love this blond, blue-eyed little girl, I saw in her face my own image. I love her because she came from me, she grew within me, she looks like me, imitates my actions and speech, and I have invested my entire life into her. She is made in my image, in a sense.

When God looks at us, he sees his own image. After all, we are created in his image. He didn’t fashion us into a creative body of an animal, with stripes and wild colors and fur. We resemble our creator, we have his DNA, his features, his capacity for all things Spirit-inspired. He invested his most precious possession to us. He gave himself in the form of Christ, he sacrificed greatly, like we know many parents do.

Not to be confused with being equal to God. We cannot be. Yet we are made in his image. And his heart pounds wildly with love for us. He loves us! He loves to look at our faces. He knows our weaknesses, yet he loves us in spite of them.

While my husband is away for yet another 48 hrs, I have a strong sense that the Lord is here taking care of us. He sent someone our way to finally investigate the scurrying in our roof, and I’m thrilled to know the bats(!) will soon be evicted. Living smack in the middle of a gigantic, humid, oak forest we battle a new critter each year. Just like my 3-year-old delights us with spontaneous displays of affection, God chose to interrupt my ordinary life and thoughts today with a beautiful picture of his love. And just like any good father, took care of a practical need too.


4 thoughts on “Retrieving

  1. Thanks Molly, I needed this today, I had a pretty hard day w/the kids yesterday and often forget they are a joy not a burden. I guess this is sometimes too much while Jeff is away. I guess I often take my sadness and stress out on them and forget to have fun anf be joyful w/them bc that is how God desires to be with us! Thanks for sharing your heart!

    • deeproets says:

      Its so easy to get caught up in the stress of the moment, but often just taking a deep breath and smiling helps more than you think! I can’t wait to see you soon!

  2. I struggle with self worth a lot. I always have. Sometimes it’s a song on K-LOVE or a local station, or a blog that wakes me up to his utter love for me. Hard to understand what He can see in such a sinful person, but I am always grateful when He reminds me I am His and am made in His image. Thank you for a beautiful reminder and post.

    • deeproets says:

      He knows we need to be reminded us of his love! We are too hard on ourselves. I think accepting his love and grace makes it easier to extend that same grace to others, as well.

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