Eden Joy

As we prayed and considered Eden’s name, this is the verse God brought us to. We feel she is a restorer, and have prayed for a great capacity for joy in her life! She is already bringing this into our family. It is a novelty to be closer to the other end of the age spectrum now, with older children to help out and enjoy a new baby in our midst.

Desert 1
Photo Credit: Gert Roets, Upper Mustang, Nepal

These photos capture a glimpse of the first serene moments when the kids woke up to a new baby in the family. My heartfelt thanks to Anne Evans Marais who used her skill and gift to bless us.













2 thoughts on “Eden Joy

  1. feedingmyfold says:

    These are so incredibly beautiful & precious! Love her name too!! And I have to admit being a bit jealous that she sleeps so well. 😛 Such a blessing! Much love to you all!

    • deeproets says:

      Abby, this is the first baby who has slept so easily…the others woke every 2-3 hours all around the clock! I think it’s taken me 11 years to learn how to relax and just take motherhood as it comes. I pray your little one finds her rhythm soon soon soon.

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