5 Ways to Simplify Healthy Living

brooke-lark-391764Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash

Five ways to simplify healthy living for your family.

1.  I used to spend hours on Pinterest, cookbooks, and blogs searching for creative, affordable, healthy and exotic recipes for our weekly menu. I started the week inspired, but by Thursday it was macaroni and cheese out of the box! As the babies multiplied, the perfect menu became impossible to sustain. I made an attempt at nutrition with kid-friendly veggies, but our diet revolved mainly around carbs and starch. When one of our teens was diagnosed as pre-diabetic, we radically changed our lifestyle. Eliminating most grains and sugar has helped us gain control. Now, we spend the bulk of our money on quality meats, fruits and veggies, and non-grain flours. We sweeten with honey 🍯. Our weekly menu is no longer a Pinterest board; but I have learned how to prepare in advance and rotate meats, healthy carbs, and spices in a way that simplifies meal planning, shopping, and preparation. We eat chicken, ground beef, and for a treat, lamb from a local farm. Natural doesn’t have to try so hard. 

2. Fitness is not a personal choice. With six children, I simply cannot bring each one to individual sports and activities. When considering an activity, the first question I ask is: “Will this work for the family?” If more than one person can participate, it works 👍 For instance, we found a gymnastics club where kids of all ages can be coached at multiple times and days of the week. Then I joined the gym where my three older children can workout with me for free. We have said “no” to school sports and found this has simplified our lives greatly. Our goal is strength, fitness, and developing an appreciation for sport while not centering life around it. My favorite life-giving activity is taking a family walk together!

3. Water. We don’t buy juice, soda, I don’t make kombucha (I have enough ‘children’ as it is! lol) or green tea. No one misses it. We drink water, Rooibos tea, and coffee. In the summer I treat the kids to Heart & Hydration, which is 3x as hydrating as water.

4. Supplementation and Essential Oils can be a vast and complex system of its own. I have a SHORT list of what our family uses. The kids take one supplement, and I have six essential oils I use in a variety of ways: Lavender, Tea Tree, Lemon, Peppermint, Frankincense, and TruDefense.

5. Forget Balance and Find Rhythm. I find that creating rhythm in each day, week, month, and season is natural and sustainable. Maybe I’ve been successful here and there in balancing it all- but truly, I find that one pruning one branch at a time heals, connects, and nourishes more than mowing over everything with a lawnmower. One area of life often needs more attention than the other. In the spring we want to exercise, be outside, and enjoy strawberries. In the fall, we settle in with root vegetables and books.

I hope this is helpful! Leave a comment with your own tips of simplifying healthy living.