Homeschooling Awards Ceremony

We finished our 2014 school year on Wednesday! Woohoo! Feels so good to take a break. We love homeschooling year round and I enjoy ending the school year in December. It’s a natural break and transition. The kids worked so hard this year that we decided to have a little Awards ceremony and honor their achievements. The older girls also entered a writing contest in the States and Chloe received an honorable mention out of hundreds of entries.

Next year it’s Classical Conversations all the way as we start the first community in South Africa. A few months ago when my American friend Jennifer and I introduced the concept of classical education we had three moms mildly interested. At our meeting a week ago, the final count is 17 families with 37 children enrolled! My Essentials class has grown from 3 students to 11. I feel overwhelmed at tutoring this class with a newborn and possibly a move in our near future but I do feel God has called me to do it. I keep reminding myself that I want my kids to have the benefit of this homeschooling community, including this rigorous English Grammar and Writing course, and that is why I’m doing it.

So for now, it’s time to enjoy the change of pace as South Africa shuts down for the holidays. I am ready for our Christmas baby to come and we have said goodbye to some precious members of our OM team as they return home to pursue God in a new way. I’m enjoying our proper Christmas tree after last year’s bizarre branch creation. We have our Christmas shopping done and I am improving at letting go of dearly-held traditions that just aren’t necessary when you are having a baby. I am reflecting on Mary’s journey as she prepared to give birth to Christ, and my attitude has changed from not desiring a Christmas baby at all to understanding the beauty of it.







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