Bringing in 2014

Just when I am into the habit of writing and thinking ‘2013’ its time for the New Year again! This is happening at a fascinatingly increased pace each year. I explained to the kids the traditional way to celebrate New Year’s in the USA and admit I have no idea what they do here in South Africa. Someday maybe I’ll go to a big, fancy gala for New Year’s Eve. Part of me would love to get dressed up and go enjoy a night on the town. Celebration is certainly appropriate!

As the tide comes in on 2013, we gravitate towards making sense of the year, etching life-changing moments into our personal history, and letting go of unhealthy emotions. Forgiving offenses and healing for wounds. We also dream about the future, set goals, and realize the longing we all have for something greater, deeper, higher…something more. What is this longing all about?

Our church did not have a service this Sunday, so Gert and I in our brilliant creative parenting strategy, decided to have family devotions together on the beach. {Now, I have to be careful mentioning the beach to ya’ll, lest you think all we do is goof off with ‘beach evangelism’ here in South Africa. But the reality is we live just a few minutes from the beach and it’s a very natural (and free!!!) place to recreate in our down time. Anyway…}

It was impossibly distracting, and not one of the kids could concentrate on the devotion and at one point one child even stood up and walked into the waves like a crazed beach zombie. We did, however, get one noteworthy response to the question “What is one thing you would like to see happen in the New Year?”

Etian replied, “To see Jesus come back.”


What does your heart long for? Fulfillment. Glory. Relief from pain and suffering. To be united with our Savior and see him face to face. We long to finally be home.

Yesterday, I had the strangest feeling. I wanted to go home. Then, upon appreciating the fact that I am in my home, I was forced to acknowledge it doesn’t feel like home. The last place I lived didn’t really feel like home either. Our previous home really DID feel like home, but as we left, we said goodbye and now its not home anymore either. Why is this?

Because our home is not of this world. We were created to live out all of our days with our Creator, filled with his love and satisfied with his glory.

Our plans are coming together for New Years. We are opening up our home for those who want to bring in the New Year seeking Jesus, worshipping, seeking his presence. This morning God dropped a live grenade in my spirit as I whispered a prayer…”Lord, I want to be with you.”

He said,

Draw near to me and I will draw near to you…’

That’s all it takes. An effort, a desire, a hand reaching out to call upon the Lord. This New Year’s, whether you are bringing in the New Year by watching the ball drop or pursuing God in a night of prayer and worship or spending time with your family, take a few moments aside and draw near to the Lord. Ask him to reveal his plans to you. We will be asking the Lord for a word for the upcoming year. I have high expectations as to what the Lord will show us!

Leave a comment and share how you are bringing in the New Year! I love to hear from you and your comments are welcomed and oh so encouraging.

This song from All Sons and Daughters is especially getting us going right now…


6 thoughts on “Bringing in 2014

  1. Michele O'Dell says:

    Blessings & love for New Years 2014! I am always moved by your words & ask God to meet your hearts desires from His heart & hand! I can just picture the children @ the beach & loved responses. I too love the song from All Sons & Daughters! I am pressing in for His word for 2014 & anticipate wth delight! Sure miss your lovely smile and presence. Hugs n joy to all of the family! ❤ Love, Michele

    • deeproets says:

      Thanks Michele! Would love a big hug from you! How do I find you on Spirit FM? Was thinking it would be fun to tune in sometime. All the best of God’s blessing to you and Pastor Jer.

  2. Ed Grim says:

    Hi Molly, that song posted in your blog didn’t post correctly and won’t play 😦

    • deeproets says:

      Hmm, I checked it and it worked for me! You can search for it on YouTube, it’s by a band called All Sons and Daughters and the song is called Oh How I Need You.

  3. Mimi says:

    Happy New Year Molly and family! Just listened to the song, never heard it, like it very much. I am expecting big things this year. Yesterday, Jan 1, Steve and I went to Forest Park, the really big park here in St. Louis. I really love crows and I don’t see as many as we use to. Well! When we arrived we saw a magnificent “murder” of crows, as they call it, they must have been migrating because there were at least a thousand of them flying continually from the west and out of the pink sunset. They gathered on the largest trees in the park and then 100’s on the baseball fields. It was truly EPIC. I believe God blessed me with this serendipity because he knows how much I love the beautiful crow. I’m taking it as a good portent and abundance of blessings to come this year. And then this morning we are covered with a blanket of white fluffy snow. Interesting, black crows covering the sky and pure white snow covering the ground, might mean something more? As Steve says, “or nothing”. I’m erring on God’s sign. love to you all! Mimi

    • deeproets says:

      Mimi, how wonderful to hear from you!! I miss talking to you. Were you really in Washington a few months ago? It doesn’t seem possible. Those crows sound breathtaking. We are enjoying a couple days on the beach with Gert’s 2 sisters and their families, all crammed into a 3 bdrm house–great times!! We’re on a lagoon with a big sandy beach and very strong current at times. The kids roll and race down the sand dunes and make “snow angels” in the sand. The holidays are so different with the summer heat. Soon things get busy with OM and we start school again. But for now, I am amazed at the beauty of this place and that the kids can all be together for a few days. It’s a very worshipful thing to delight in God’s creation. Love to you and Steve. xoxo

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