Africa Isn’t for Sissies


We’ll start with the highs of this week. Because after I tell you the lows, you won’t be able to think about anything else.

Evangeline cut her first tooth this week AND took her first step. At nine months old. I kid you not! I didn’t really believe people when they report babies walking as early as nine months. And my parents witnessed her first step on Skype! How special is that?

Another high…the day before a large bill was due, an anonymous gift came in that exactly covered that bill and our expenses this week. Living by faith isn’t for sissies, either. Its tough and character building and keeps me tight with God. Not always loving it (just being honest here), but knowing his great and passionate love will not forsake us.

And then a very high point. Gert and I haven’t been on a date in…well, a long time. I don’t exactly remember. It might have been on our anniversary in May. I know, I’m not a good example. I’ve read the marriage books and remember this awesome wife who blogged about every Friday night being date night with her husband. This may be an area we work on for 2014.

So what did we do, you ask? A romantic stroll down the beach? Dinner out? A fun movie, with just the two of us?

We hiked the Helderberg. Three hours up, one hour down. Breathtaking beauty, oceans visible on two sides, winelands in all directions. The stark contrast of bitter poverty and splendid natural beauty is unfair, out-of-place, and mind-boggling in South Africa. We saw evidence of baboons, talked about philosophy of ministry, reminisced about Nepal, and prayed for some of you, our faithful supporters. We were planning on just doing half the mountain, but silly me, I thought that’s just not enough. I wanted to go to the top, because who knows when I’ll have this opportunity again, right?

I still can’t walk properly down the stairs. Ouch.

But it felt so good to do something with my man, just the two of us, that we used to do in our before-kids days. I actually felt young and free again.

In keeping with the spirit of Thanksgiving, I am so blessed and thankful for these high points in our week. I read recently that if you write down 5 things a day you are grateful for, your happiness rises like a flame in the dark: you feel 25% happier. “People who were in the gratitude condition felt fully 25% happier – they were more optimistic about the future, they felt better about their lives — and they even did almost 1.5 hours more exercise a week.”

Now, I don’t really want to tell you the low point of my week.

I will say it very quietly and please don’t tell anyone.

I’ve been told that Africa isn’t for sissies…and I am a great big sissy. This was after the terrifying, hairy rainspider in our bedroom that has me checking the curtains each night, dreading rain storms, and my husband thinking I need deliverance. So when I found {{{{{{head lice}}}}} in one of my daughter’s hair on Tuesday, it was all I could do to not go into all out panic mode. This, along with tapeworms, is one of my nightmares. I actually said out loud that Africa isn’t for sissies. Hours and hours and hours later I think its nearly gone. So, yeah. That’s my week.

Let’s change the subject now. What’s your week been like?

Is your head itching?

Africa isn’t for sissies. And neither is living by faith. Don’t despise those small beginnings, wherever you are at. God is growing your faith.


6 thoughts on “Africa Isn’t for Sissies

  1. Molly do you remember when I was 10 or 11, maybe even 12; not sure…I had ninja lice and gave it to several my friends. I had to sit for hours while Mom cleaned my hair and picked out all the lice and their eggs….EW!!! It was awful and I wasn’t even the one who had to clean my hair; our wonderful Mom was so patient with me. You may have been in Nepal or Alaska and missed out on this memorable time in my preteen years. I am definitely a sissy when it comes to bugs too!

    • deeproets says:

      Emmy, I heard about the ninja lice but I missed that great event. I had it sometime in middle school and also remember hours and hours in the bathroom with mom. Our dear mother probably never even raised her voice or told us to hold still. That’s funny you gave it to your friends! The gift that keeps on giving!

  2. I also cannot believe Evangeline is walking at nine months! Hayleigh was my earliest walker at 10 months. It was so cute. A little pudgy babe toddling around.

  3. Michele K. ODell says:

    You definitely are not a sissies! Bless your heart! Glad you had a a great date! :). The spider sure made me cringe when I saw it. Unbelievable! Ha ha. Love to all!

    Sent from my iPhone

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