Building Faith in Children


I asked a few people to be praying especially for our oldest daughter to make a friend. After a few bouts of tears and discouragement, we talked and remembered the past and how it takes time to make friends. After all, this is our second major move in under a year. When we first moved to Washington, she felt lonely as well, and within a few months had half a dozen girlfriends, was riding bikes through the neighborhood, and playing on a softball team! It helped build her faith to look back and remember how God met her need and answered her prayer then.

Here in South Africa, we live in a security complex, which means we enjoy added safety but the downside is the difficulty in meeting our neighbors. Everyone lives behind walls and gates, with barred windows, and often we can’t even see how to reach the front door of a neighbor’s house. On a Saturday morning we caught a glimpse of a girl about 10 years old riding her bike around the neighborhood. Chloe and Hope worked up the courage to say hello, then these two beautiful sisters came by our house and suddenly, friends! Giselle and Milayna are exactly Chloe and Hope’s age, have similar interests, maturity levels, and sweet dispositions. They are a tremendous blessing and answer to prayer.

Part of our vision as parents is to build our kids’ faith. It is so hard to see them sad or in need…but then what joy to see God show himself strong and real in their own lives!


3 thoughts on “Building Faith in Children

  1. Roaline says:

    Thanks for sharing this essential principle.Love how God came thru for her>

  2. Michele K. ODell says:

    Praise God! They look full of joy and @ home! Love all if you !!

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