Hanging Pictures

A Stroll through Riverfront Park
by Benita Phillips

I am not always a sentimental person. When it comes to my kids boxes of artwork, I might save two of the best. I don’t save locks of hair or teeth when they fall out. I don’t do well with baby books and recording every “1st.”

But this painting means a lot to me. At a time when we just moved about as far away as you can from my family, this painting represents the future generations continuing on a road together, relationship seared at the core. It points to the purposes of God in our time in Washington State, and reminds me that God will be faithful to us and to our children no matter where he calls us.

This painting brings closure to me on a wonderful chapter of our lives, and reminds me that chapters are still being written.

It is significantly the first picture on our walls in our home in South Africa.

Thank you doesn’t suffice, Benita Roets Phillips. You are an anointed artist.


2 thoughts on “Hanging Pictures

  1. That’s incredible, love this post, Molly!

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