Fynbos: Natural Vegetation in the Western Cape

The Cape Floral Kingdom is one of six in the world. It is the smallest and richest with over 9,000 species of plants, 6,200 of which are endemic (growing nowhere else in the world). The Fynbos only comprises 6% of Southern Africa yet it has half the species on the sub-continent. We visited two places the last couple weeks to learn about the fynbos: Helderberg Nature Reserve and Ouma Kruger’s garden! This amazing woman knows the latin name of each plant, its uses medicinal and otherwise, and any unique qualities of the species. I learned so much from her, and enjoyed her passion. Anyone can make something sound complicated, but it takes great skill to make the complicated simple! After the afternoon in her garden, drinking tea, I feel like I know enough to plant my own garden. The kids enjoyed the field trip and followed along, taking pictures of plants they liked and writing down the names to do a report on later. I couldn’t keep Etian out of the pond, catching tadpoles. I don’t believe he realized his family was even there.

The Helderberg Nature Reserve

360 different varieties of the Protea

Pincushion, one of our favorites

True to its name, this Peanut Butter Plant smells just like peanuts when you crush its leaves

<My favorite Cala Lilies grow WILD here



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