Field Trips in Africa

No time like the present to start learning our South African history and the kids heritage! We spent three days in Pretoria, the capital city of South Africa, and besides meeting MORE aunts, uncles, and cousins, we visited the historic Voortrekker Monument.

Voortrekker Monument

The Voortrekkers (Afrikaans and Dutch for pioneers, literally “those who pull ahead”, “fore-trekkers”) were emigrants during the 1830s and 1840s who left the Cape Colony (British at the time, but founded by the Dutch) moving into the interior of what is now South Africa. The Great Trek consisted of a number of mass movements under a number of different leaders including Louis Tregardt, Hendrik Potgieter, Sarel Cilliers, Pieter Uys, Gerrit Maritz, Piet Retief and Andries Pretorius. (

The Voortrekkers made a now-famous vow to God: “We stand here before the Holy God of heaven and earth, to make a vow to Him that, if He will protect us and give our enemy into our hand, we shall keep this day and date every year as a day of thanksgiving like a sabbath, and that we shall erect a house to His honour wherever it should please Him, and that we will also tell our children that they should share in that with us in memory for future generations. For the honour of His name will be glorified by giving Him the fame and honour for the victory.”

These churches are easy to spot in towns throughout South Africa.

The Vow

We also enjoyed the interesting and beautiful botanical life at the Voortrekker Monument Gardens.

Swaardlily (Sword Lily)

“Epic” plant (unidentified as of yet! Can anyone help me here?)

Still searching for the name of this one, too

Bird of Paradise

Its quite fun to live overseas. But no squatty-pottys here!

Not a squatty potty

Finally, we visited Operation Mobilization’s new office building, The Link. AMAZING testimony of how OM came to acquire this beautiful building! Read about it here.


It was fun to see the building in real-life but even more fun to meet up with a couple special friends from our time in OM-past. I look forward to getting into the missions groove and finding out more about what is going on in the Kingdom of God around the world, especially the middle east and northern Africa. I know great things are happening in the midst of the dismal news reports we see.

Finally, what you all have been waiting for…the latest picture of sweet Evangeline! She is tasting an international world of foods this week: avocado, papaya, mielie pap (maize cereal), and boerwors (sort of like beef jerky) to help with the teething.




4 thoughts on “Field Trips in Africa

  1. Michele K. ODell says:

    Loved all you shared and you and yours! Gr8 tour! I am excited for all He has for all. Hugs and love!

    Sent from my iPhone

  2. Mimi Haag says:

    the ones behind Evie is Osteospermun or African daisy, the one with the orange and maybe the red big flower both look like Agave. The church building or OM is beautiful!! xoxo Mimi

    • deeproets says:

      Thanks Mimi! I’m really enjoying the African flowers, plants and birds. Even the birds make really cool nests here, I’ll try to get a picture of those too. I hear ostrich is all the rage down in the Cape where we will be living. For eating, that is. Did you read the story of the OM building? It was GIVEN to OM and coordinates several different ministries, which were functioning from various offices, into one building. And the windows have these big ground to rooftop swords on them. How are you, Steve, and Paul doing?


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