Coffee in Africa


I have a little secret. Coffee in Africa is where its at. Today Benita and I walked two blocks to the newest coffee shop in town, located in the foyer of a non-denominational church. I’ve learning a thing or two from the these South African ladies. Going out for coffee shouldn’t mean running through the Starbucks drive-through and demolishing a Frappuccino while shopping. I’m actually not even sure why we went out for coffee this morning…I think it was someone’s birthday and another sweet lady is moving away this week. I frequently miss the key parts of the conversation! In South Africa, going out for coffee involves a great group of women, getting dressed up as we do here, a layered latte artistically presented, and best of all, cake! Luckily I skipped breakfast today so I didn’t feel too bad about an apple tart at 10am. Babies are welcome as well as conversation ranging from supernatural healings to stories of traveling in Thailand to all the other stuff I missed because it is in Afrikaans.


I got carried away with my Apple Tart and forgot to take a picture. But it looked something like this…

apple crumble

photo credit

With coffee and cake this good, this church deserves a visit on Sunday, don’t you think?


2 thoughts on “Coffee in Africa

  1. Gerald Grim says:

    You loo like you’re happy in the photo and fitting in. Coffee looks great. Loved the traveling photos of family.

  2. Sean linville says:

    Sounds like you’re finding a good group of ladies to fellowship with. Our loss is truly their gain:-) Love you and miss you all. I Love Deeproets.

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