Double Shots

double shots

At three o’clock a.m. Gert and I carried 5 sleeping children to the car and created cozy sleeping nests for each one. Not so much as a peep emerged from the backseat of the car and I sipped my coffee, smiling, that all was going according to plan. As I turned to fondly gaze at our sleeping kids, instead of dreamy looks I saw ten wide-awake eyeballs looking back at me. They stayed wide awake until late afternoon when we grew close to our destination for the night, Red Lodge, MT. No, our kids don’t sleep much in the car.

Janine and Logan…our heroes!!!

The excitement of our 4,300 mile roadtrip reached its peak on Beartooth Pass. I almost died of fright on this mountain pass, with only a flimsy guard rail barricading us from careening down untold heights of rocky mountainside. So beautiful though. Besides learning our kids don’t sleep in the car, we also learned one doesn’t simply “drive through Yellowstone National Park.” Yes, laugh at me you experienced national parkers. Did anyone tell us about the 40 mph speed limit? Or the busses and traffic and oceans of tourists? We had one friend encourage us that no Yellowstone experience is complete without riding a bison. Thanks, Marcus 😉

Beartooth Pass Elevation 10,947 feet

Amazing scenery


We arrived at Old Faithful just in time to see it erupt. Then we pushed the 40 mph speedlimit to get the heck out of that awesomely huge park! We barely made it to our hotel that night, and enjoyed free food for the kids. Thanks, Holiday Inn Express (best hotel of the trip, bar none).

The first geyser we came upon…enjoyed this more than Old Faithful herself!

HOT boiling mineral pool

A highlight of our trip was spending time with our good friends in Colorado. We spent the Fourth of July hiking to natural water slides, teaching our toddler to early elementary bunch of kids exactly how you cross a creek by hopping on stones and listening to the panicked commands of ‘STOP!’ ‘KEEP GOING!’ ‘Do NOT climb that!’

Gert climbing to the zip line in Estes Park, CO

I would’ve done this but for the climb! 😉

There is simply too much to tell. We enjoyed a landmark Grim family reunion in Estes Park. The best thing about this week? The friendships forged by my oldest two daughters and their first-cousins-once-removed. That and waking up to the Rocky Mountains every day.

We survived a grueling drive across Kansas with our A/C conking out somewhere between 90-98 degrees at 3 o’clock in the afternoon. If it weren’t for timely use of Dramamine to bring about a ‘marked drowsiness’ over our kids…well…lets not go there.

Stay tuned for Double Shots part 11


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