Double Shots Part II

Casper, Wyoming. Blessed by tremendous hospitality and a welcomed respite to long days of driving

After a week visiting with friends and our church family in the warm but not unpleasant Missouri, we made our way back to the Northwest. We stopped in Kansas City, MO; Mt. Rushmore, SD; and then in Casper, WY. Knowing my Grandfather Sam Hobbs was buried in Casper, we went on a treasure hunt to find his grave. The first cemetery, lovingly dubbed ‘Casper Mosquito Breeding Grounds’ left my daughter with 21 bites in about 15 minutes. We found my Grandfather’s grave at the second cemetery, and his was the first stone at the entrance.

Sam Houston Hobbs, US Coast Guard

We finally found Grandpa Hobbs’ grave. Very special moment.

Mt. Rushmore. In 2001, Gert and I stopped here on our move to Missouri…uhhh, we’ve multiplied!

Driver’s Ed?

Another stop included the Battle of Little Bighorn where we learned the history of Col. Custer and Crazy Horse. By this time the kids were impressed with nothing short of a meteoroid path about to hit the earth and all they remember is the sprinkler cooling them off at Custer’s monument. Starbucks Double Shots brought us through the last long stretch of Montana. Here I transformed from Organized Homeschool Mom to Crazy Woman and let the kids watch movies and eat candy just to keep the peace.

Lt. Col. Custer’s grave at the Battle of Little Bighorn

Even after visiting the spectacular Rocky Mountains in Montana, the waterfalls and geysers of Yellowstone, the steep, rocky mountains in Colorado, the Black Hills of South Dakota, our own Selkirk Mountains in Eastern Washington are the most beautiful to me by far. It is home. One of the most important things we can give our kids is a strong sense of belonging and identity. I believe this happened through our trip to the Midwest, as we spent time with the greater Grim family, visited our home for 12 years in Missouri, and then visited their Great-Grandfather’s grave in Casper, WY. Our children have a great heritage, but more importantly, a great heritage in the Lord. We trust him to be the Rock and Sure Foundation as we follow him across the Atlantic Ocean to the great continent of Africa.

A huge thank you to the many friends who provided meals and beds for us along the way! We know its not easy to prepare food for a family of seven ;). You were so gracious and thoughtful in many ways. Thank you ❤


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