Its Always Sunny on Tuesday

Benita Photo

Chewelah Valley


Dressing up Baby Evangeline. G loves to pick out pretty dresses for her sister to wear.


Spring in the Japanese Gardens at Manito Park


Enjoying the WA heat wave


Waitts Lake


Action Shot. Et actually caught some air here.

Did we really just have lunch and swim with my missionary friend back from the Ukraine? I am utterly amazed and totally blessed! God is so good to arrange us being in the same place at the same time together. Our kids hit it off beautifully and our husbands found much in common between a love for good steak, ice cream, and American wives.

Its been unusually hot this spring in Washington. As a result the lilacs are blooming early and the mosquitoes are thick and heavy. Gert and I celebrated our 12th Anniversary by running 12k’s on May 5th. We participated in Bloomsday, one of the largest races in the country. It was quite an experience with 50,000 people and since I couldn’t walk properly for 2 days, I felt my t-shirt was well earned.

Our kids are doing so well in school, even Gabrielle is beginning to read. I’m amazed at this as she has had no formal instruction, just picking it up from her siblings. Homeschooling is such a natural and rewarding way to teach and learn. Our evenings are full of meetings, softball games, late-night hotdog roasts, and collecting my children from their bikes and neighborhood playmates.

I am trying to fully enjoy each day here, time is going quickly. For some reason, Tuesdays have never been may favorite day of the week. The productive ‘to-do’ list is finished from Monday, and its not mid-week yet. Tuesday is just sort of a filler day. As we say down to breakfast this week, Hope said to me, “Mom, its always sunny on Tuesdays.”

So get out and enjoy the sunshine of Tuesday and all the little moments that make up what we call life.


One thought on “Its Always Sunny on Tuesday

  1. Sean linville says:

    Hello dear one, I finally put my email on my phone so I can easily read your posts. Still not much for fb but maybe some day:-) I loved reading your comments, it was almost like sitting around your kitchen table and hearing the sweet chatter of little voices. Also it was lovely seeing all y’all on Skype a few weeks ago. I think I may have missed your visit, as I have spent much time traveling to Oklahoma to help care for mom. Jim is well and sends his love. Love to all. Sean

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