Settling into Steven’s County

An early spring has lightly rested on us in Eastern Washington. Its beyond wonderful to rest and enjoy the beautiful mountains, pine needles and tall evergreen trees. I even fought my way into my running shoes this week and made it all of two miles. Part of me wants to just pick up 20 acres of this amazing mountainside and settle in here. But there is a restlessness to our life, a feeling that we don’t belong here. God is keeping the fire burning in us as we prepare to move overseas. Here are a few pictures of our month’s activities!

They LOVE Awana. There’s something for everyone, and my kids are learning the Word of God at a rate I’ve never seen. This is an unexpected blessing to our family.

No one can make her laugh like Hope can.

Little Eva…or Bluejay…Evangeline has a myriad of nicknames so far. We’ll see which one sticks.

Quilt my mom made for Hope, with one of her old shirts.

St. Patrick’s Day wreath. For the first time EVER I am having fun doing crafts with the kids! The messes used to stress me out too much. I guess it took 5 kids for me to quit caring if we paint the walls with glue and glitter.

Chloe before we bottle-fed the calves (thank you for the hats Pat Sherman!). Last week we got our kids dirty on a friend’s dairy farm. It was a great adventure! We had so much fun. This is what I love about homeschooling.

Hope, the only brave one. And yes, the kids did make the connection between mom’s nursing the baby and milking a cow! There have been some great conversations around our household lately…


Born just 12 hours ago

The Pantry. Toshelle is amazing! I could learn so much from this girl! She does it all…dairy farmer’s wife, canning, sprouting, grinding grain, yogurt, cheese-making, the whole bit.


4 thoughts on “Settling into Steven’s County

  1. We LOVE Awana!! I’m one of the Commanders at our church and I am amazed at how these kids learn the scriptures. 🙂

  2. Mimi Haag says:

    Molly…did i spell that right? Enjoy seeing the kids and the dairy farm. Where is that? Who is Tochelle? I would have liked to meet her and see this amazing place. Enjoyed our visit so much! Every one looks to be doing well and thank Gert again for the delicious curry.

    • deeproets says:

      Mimi…the farm is on the mountain pass toward where my dad works in Inchelium, a little place called Summit Valley where my parents first started out as hippies in a cabin with no running water. Toshelle is a friend from highschool who has a rockin set up out there. Maybe next visit??? We enjoyed seeing you SO much. You are a tremendous blessing in my life. Love you!

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