The week of Evangeline.

Tuesday, January 22nd, we went in for a prenatal check-up, two days before my due date, only to learn our baby did a complete turn and was now sitting in a breech presentation. We were surprised and not exactly happy. As soon as the doctor mentioned ‘external aversion’ my heart sank even further. We tried this with our 3rd child, our son, and it was painful and unsuccessful. He later turned on his own, and we avoided a C-section.

Then an amazing thing happened. Our doctor started to speak words of faith that he believed God would enable him to turn our baby. He prayed with us. Other people prayed for the procedure to work. And it did! I came home from the hospital determined to keep the baby in the proper presentation for birth.

Friday came around, and it was time for another prenatal check-up. Unbelievably, baby was now transverse, and I was post-due. The lovely Velcro brace I wore all week wasn’t enough to keep baby in position. Our doctor was not comfortable letting us go home with baby in an unstable position, and recommended doing the aversion again and then immediately inducing labor. This time the aversion wasn’t as bad, since he didn’t have as far to turn her. But he held tightly onto her head as he broke the membranes so she wouldn’t bounce around again!

I really laughed when the nurse (coincidentally named Hope) asked me what my birth plan was. I had one of these typed out with our firstborn, gung-ho and ready to do everything naturally and on my own terms. Whoever came up with the idea of a ‘birth-plan’ must not have experienced actual child-birth. It doesn’t often go as planned. Being induced has never been part of my plan, yet three out of five babies were. Childbirth is like anything else in life, its walking by faith. The one thing I did differently this time around was prepare myself by meditating on these passages of scripture the week of my due date. Then I had them ready for my ‘Coach’ to read them to me for strengthening and focus during labor. This was the best part of my labor and birth experience. God’s presence was very real to me that night.

The labor was long, hard, and lasted all night and into the next day. About 19 hours total. It was the most beautiful and exciting thing to finally hear the doctor say “it’s a…..girl!” Evangeline Noël was born on my birthday, January 26, at 11:57am. What a beautiful, sweet, and rewarding birthday gift. Her name means ‘bearer of good news’ which we found to be both appropriate and prophetic in the season our family is now walking into. Noël because I often called her my ‘peace child’ through this very tumultuous year of transition, change, and uncertainty. And here she is:

DSCN0949 DSCN0946 DSCN0943 DSCN0942 DSCN0940 DSCN0937 DSCN0935


2 thoughts on “The week of Evangeline.

  1. Created ~ says:

    Congratulations! Beautiful family 🙂

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