Passports and Babies and Missing Abs

120210-thursdaysnow3Inland Northwest Winter


As Gert walked into the USCIS office in Kansas City for a much-prayed over interview and test, to his surprise, he was greeted by the agent in Afrikaans. Immediately he was put at ease by this friendly, almost familiar agent (not usually the case!). His interview lasted all of 15 minutes, his briefcase full of paperwork unnecessary, and his test aced. The only unfinished business is the fact that we now live in a different area of jurisdiction and will have to wrap things up in the Northwest. God’s favor is surely amazing.

In an ironic gesture from the Lord, his passport, which we’ve sought after for more than 14 months, arrived at our house in WA as Gert was sitting on the airplane waiting to take off. As it turned out, he was not asked to present it at the interview. Since neither Fed Ex nor UPS could guarantee overnight delivery on a Saturday afternoon, we emailed a copy and hoped that would be sufficient. Of course the Lord knew he wouldn’t need it, but still provided it as if to say, ‘I am the maker of the heavens and earth, you know…’

He also had a meaningful time with Pastor Vijen and his congregation. Several good evenings of conversation and sharing challenges, frustrations, and concerns together as well as a good hour of laughter over these Tim Hawkins videos. Do yourself a favor sometime and workout your abs with his humor!

My abs are a thing of the past, and Thursday will mark 40 weeks of pregnancy. We had a false alarm the other night, I tested my husband’s paramedic-heightened adrenaline and quickly got my bag packed and the carseat out. We do have a 60 minute drive to the hospital so he is on call in case we shouldn’t make it there in time! I do covet your prayers for strength, speed, safety and peace over this labor and delivery. Hopefully the next update will include pictures of our new baby.

We love hearing from you! Please let us know how we can be praying for you in your challenges, frustrations, and concerns.


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