Cold, Gray January and Loving It.

Cold, Gray January and Loving It.

The last two weeks since Christmas have been full. Full of cozy nights with lots of snow, trying out new flavors of tea, burning scented candles, crafts with Grandparents, learning how to live in a (very) small town again, full of bundled-up walks, sick days with the stomach flu, trying to get into a homeschool routine again, watching home movies, eating yummy scones and muffins coming out of Fast Eddy’s home bakery, and a fun shopping and movie date with my dear husband. All the while knowing, in the pit of my stomach, that our days here with my family are numbered. I am enjoying them so much, but it is with hard knowledge that it will be time to say goodbye soon.

Meanwhile, I am SO ready to have this baby! I’ll be 38 weeks on Thursday of this week. Maybe you heard the Roets’ joke of the year. In the craziness of selling our house, moving across country and preparing to move across the ocean, one single box was misplaced. This box contained nothing other than ALL my baby clothes –boy and girl—which was supposed to accompany us here in Washington. Instead, this box will be waiting for us at a port in Cape Town, whenever we arrive. I have enjoyed the suspense of not knowing the gender of our baby up until now! It would help to know what to hunt for! So we are searching thrift stores, clearance racks, and asking friends for any gender-neutral baby clothes, burp cloths, and blankets. Thank you to Allison for the use of a beautiful heirloom bassinet! I promise we’ll take care of it!

Gray Days

Gray Days

Monday I meet my new doctor in Spokane. I’ve heard wonderful things about him and am trusting the Lord for an uncomplicated, quick delivery full of joy and the Holy Spirit.

We miss our home, Lake Family Church, and friends. But we’ve found a church here that we love, and are so far enjoying the hour plus commute on Sundays, which happens to take us right by Starbucks. Remember Washington is the land of the espresso stand on every corner!

Gert will be flying out to Kansas City January 12-15 for his Naturalization interview, test, and hopefully oath. We ask your prayers for this upcoming weekend:

1)      We must have his RSA Passport for the interview, and have not received it. Please pray we get this passport in the mail by Wednesday of this week.

2)      Pray for his interview to go smoothly, to pass the test, and that he can take his oath the same day in KC.

3)      Pray that I do not go into labor between the dates of January 12-15!! Before or after is great 😉

4)      Blessed time with our friends Pastor Vijen and Anthea in Kansas City.

Call Gert while he’s back in our home of Missouri! He’d love to hear from you or get together with you if you’ll be in the KC area.

Please consider leaving a comment or prayer request here on our blog or emailing, texting, or phoning us! We want to hear from you.

Molly for the Roets’




**Photo from Mike’s Gone Fishin’


2 thoughts on “Cold, Gray January and Loving It.

  1. Esther Mala Goseberg says:

    Hi Molly,
    Great to hear from you guys. Pray that all goes well with Gert, baby and family. I missed the cold Christmas as we temps of 36+ in Durban. Enjoy the time you have left. Looking forward to seeing you and the family back in SA. We are settling in with OM in Pretoria.
    Love & hugs. Esther Goseberg

    • deeproets says:

      Mala, It will be so great to see you and meet your husband! I still laugh at the memories of us in the park homes. What are you both doing in Pretoria? I think we’ll be there for a couple months so let’s plan on some evenings together. I still can’t seem to make biryani to save my life 🙂 Love ya! Molly

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