A month of miracles.

A month of miracles.

The last week of November, as Thanksgiving leftovers dwindled from our refrigerator, Gert and I came to a decision. We’d waited as long as possible to sell our house in Roach, MO, and it was now time to find renters. We were convinced God was going to sell our property, so to make this decision was difficult and confusing. I did not have peace about renting it out, but we didn’t have another option. We just said, ‘ok God, we will walk through this.’

The day of our first meeting with potential renters someone new stopped by with our realtor, as a happen-stance sort of showing. Boxes, toys, packing tape, bubble wrap, and random pantry items littered the counters, floor, and table. Total mess.

That evening, we heard he wanted to make an offer.

Now, we’d been here before. People have come along, ready to buy the home, only to be heard from never again. So we were cautiously optimistic. Our church prayed the next morning.

That afternoon, we sold our house.

Interesting that this happened only after we surrendered and gave up what we so earnestly desired, and believed to be God’s will.

We closed on our house four days before we left for Washington. We could not have planned that better ourselves.

It was a whirlwind week of packing, shipping boxes to South Africa, packing for Washington, and selling everything else. Amazing how much stuff (trash) you accumulate after so many years. We could not have done this without the help of so many friends who cleaned, packed, cooked, and even helped to administrate us when we didn’t know what to do next (thank you Kay!).

I worried about our dog, a yellow lab named Mielie (maize in Afrikaans). I pictured her devastated and depressed, wondering where her family went.  When we hesitantly asked a wonderful couple if they might be interested in taking her, their reaction delighted me. ‘Yes, absolutely, we’ve been hoping you would ask us! When can we have her?’

With Mielie’s head cocked to the side, ears perked in vigilance, I knew she knew we were leaving for good as we backed out of the driveway. The next day, our friends came by to help load up boxes and clean. Mielie came with. She came and said hi, but then when it was time to go, ran and jumped in their truck. It was like she’d always been their dog!

Other answered prayer to date:

*Last month, we mentioned needing a new laptop, as ours was giving ‘imminent failure’ warnings. A week or so later, we were given a brand new, just-out-of-the-box, laptop. We are having fun with Windows 8!

*We are humbled and encouraged by seven new support partners.

*When my kids and I arrived in Seattle, ready for a 3 ½ hour layover, I asked a second time if we could get on an earlier flight. This time, the Alaska employee looked at me, said something like ‘I had four kids too,’ fiddled around on her computer, and said ‘it doesn’t look possible but I’m going to try to get you on this flight.’ Huge grin. I told my travel-weary kids to get ready. She put us on the sold-out flight, spread out all over the plane. Etian sat next to a college student who engaged him in an animated conversation all the way to Spokane. We got to stay in the Bozarth Mansion, decorated with refined, understated, Christmas evergreens. My sister made us a huge breakfast, complete with a coffee from The Rocket.

My husband arrived safely to Washington last night, navigating through wind storms strong enough to blow several semi-trucks off the road. Apparently we almost lost the topper. We are grateful for a spacious home to live in while in WA, just a block from my parents. A freshly cut evergreen is waiting in the yard to decorate this weekend. I may even sneak in a batch of sugar cookies and almond rocha this year as we find ourselves starting new traditions. We celebrate the joy and salvation we have through Jesus Christ this Christmas, knowing He gave up everything to live and die among us.

NEW MAILING ADDRESS:                                

616 W. Boone

Chewelah, WA   99109

Best Friends

Friends from birth




Saying goodbye to our dog!



new home

Our new home in Washington



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