Alaska Trip

God has been so good to me! He blessed me so abundantly with a trip to Alaska. By myself, no children involved, except this 28 wk old basketball I’m carrying around. I just drank in the beauty of the mountains every moment I could. All of creation is beautiful, but there is something majestic in the mountains. Its the glory of God. His righteousness is like the mighty mountains! The heavens declare it. Somehow the dark sky is so big in Alaska. All the starts are visible, and seem within reach.

It was a joy to meet up with friends, many of whom its been years since we’ve seen each other. I met some new ones–Arlene and Danielle, I look forward to seeing you again!

I sought out the encouragement and advice of spiritual fathers, and God spoke to me through their wisdom. God ordained an unreal meeting of a past missionary friend, who is from another continent, whom I met in Nepal 14 yrs ago. Only the Lord knew how that would encourage my spirit and build my faith.

The missions conference itself was another thing. This church is not just ‘missions-minded,’ they bleed missions. The speakers are modern day heroes of faith, people who are going into nations we consider to be closed to the gospel. “There is no such thing as a closed nation as long as you go in and are willing to not come out,” one of them said, who is living this out at great personal cost.

My husband and the kids had grace for this week…but the grace was finished by the time I got home! I hope to bring the family next time.

Please continue to keep us in your prayers. We have many irons in the fire right now, including my husband applying for dual citizenship. One teensy problem is what appears to be a lost passport. We sent it in over a year ago for renewal and its disappeared. We need this passport for his US citizenship application!

We love you and are so grateful for your friendship and please let us know what is going on in your lives and how we can be praying for you.

Gert and Molly

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One thought on “Alaska Trip

  1. karingrim says:

    Molly, Loved your post, I will pray for the lost passport to be found! Love, Mom

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