Body and Spirit

So week 1 of the Daniel Fast is complete. It was not easy, let me tell you! I’m calling it a detox week. Getting all the sugar, caffeine, and other toxins out of my body was not pleasant! I’m still shocked at the backaches, leg cramps, headaches, drowsiness, and fatigue. Honestly, I didn’t feel very spiritual this week. All I could think about was not drinking my coffee and what I could not eat. But it’s not all bad. I can now open the coffee cupboard and not intensely crave those dark, smoky beans, and when I look at white refined sugar, I think poison, not food! This in itself is a huge victory.

Early this morning I felt like the Holy Spirit doused me with desire. A desire I haven’t felt in a long, long time. A desire to live in real-time anointing and power again. I can’t remember when I last even thought about prophesying over someone’s life. Suddenly, I have a longing to again walk in the fulness of the Spirit. It’s not like I’ve backslidden, but I would compare it to being slowly suffocated by my flesh and the cares of this world. I feel a sharpness and clarity that is remarkable. When comforts and crutches in the form of the pleasure of food were pulled away, my flesh revolted, totally. Now, when nothing is left to fall back on, the strength of the Spirit within is rising up. It’s really the grace and blessing of God. I’ve been waiting for this joy!

‘Let us purify ourselves from everything that contaminates body and spirit, perfecting holiness out of reverence for God.’ Paul writes. Later, Peter urges us to ‘abstain from sinful desires, which war against your soul.’ God has called us to come out from the world and be separate, to be holy, because we are a chosen nation, a royal priesthood. Within that calling is great privilege, but we must be able to let go of worldly pleasures to fully appreciate and realize the blessing of this call.

I even experienced heightened anxiety going through the first week of this fast. My usual means of escape were blocked! The enemy, who wages war against our souls, used this as an opportunity. Yet the Lord is our deliverer. He delivered me from my fears and enables me to go on the high places. The Sovereign Lord is my strength.

He is your strength, too. Whatever you are facing, whether it be fears, temptation, the overwhelming task of motherhood, He will deliver you and enable you to climb on the high places. I refuse to let the enemy rob me of my joy in these years of raising children. I refuse to lose my joy along the way. God grace is real, it is a fountain of living hope, of living water. It is enough to satisfy, to sustain, and to rejuvenate even the most exhausted and weary warrior.

I encourage you to draw away for a time, even a few minutes to spend with Him. I like to sit on my bedroom floor, against the wall, and lock the door. Usually the time is too short, but making that sincere connection with my Father is enough. If God is urging you to lay down something that is insulating you from him, it will be worth it to lay it down. His blessing and love is real.


4 thoughts on “Body and Spirit

  1. I am SO happy to hear your journey has taken such a beautiful turn! How amazing! God is good and I am so glad to hear everything went well and after the first week you are feeling a spiritual connection that is deeper. Amen!

    • deeproets says:

      Thank you! You are a huge encouragment to me, it’s pretty awesome to connect with someone on a similar path. Praying your fast is a blessed and rewarding time too.

  2. Molly, I so enjoy reading your post, I love keeping up on what is going on with you guys, I guess I feel more than an emotion connection w/you but I truly feel a spiritual one too! It’s like you’re where I always want to be spiritually! Im so glad this week went well, when Im done nursing I will do this for sure! I can’t wait to see you, hope we can maybe get together w/o kids when I come back! Love you girlie!

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