‘GCB’- ABC’s New Anti-Christian Program

Time to take some action. I’ve been on a letter-writing spree lately, from Senators to Broadcasting Stations. If you consider yourself pro-family, please take a couple of minutes to read this article. After you have read it, I strongly encourage you to voice your complaint to ABC.


Here is the contact information for ABC: http://abc.go.com/site/contact-us

Here is what I had to say, in 500 characters:

“I am aware of a program you are airing called “Good Christian Bitches.” Is it your intent to shock the American public and thereby increase your ratings? Do you feel our society needs more “Bitches” to look up to as role models for how a young woman should behave? Not to mention the offense and anti-Christian message you are propagating. Do we need an increase in doubleminded, hypocritical, shallow individuals? Please remove this broadcast. It’s anti-American and anti-family. Aim for quality.”


One thought on “‘GCB’- ABC’s New Anti-Christian Program

  1. Mariel says:

    Well said!

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