Of Mice and Men…When Things Don’t Go According to Plan

‘The best laid schemes of mice and men often go awry.‘       –Robert Burns

I had everything all planned. A friend was coming over to spend the day with my kids while I took my DH in for surgery. The freezer was stocked with popsicles, ice cream, juice, jello and yogurt.

But at about 11 o’clock am the day before, something went wrong. I fell into bed, blankets piled high, shocked at the rapid onset of the flu. Quick arrangements were made for another friend to take my DH to surgery, and I lay in bed bemoaning the turn of events. How could I take care of my poor man when I was delirious with fever?

My kids are so funny. Fending for themselves, they went straight for the…peanut butter. Three knives and an empty jar of apricot jam later, they came to check on me in bed. What do you do when you and your 4 kids all have the flu and your husband is having major surgery? Talk about a complication!

1) Count your Blessings. At least one of us was able to take care of the other sickies at a time.

2) Ask for Chicken Soup. After many kind offers to help, I found the courage to mention a need. That Homemade Chicken Soup probably saved some lives.

3) Laugh. Even if it seems crazy, laughing feels good and makes sense when things seem out of control!

Now that I am feeling better but still taking care of a few sickies, here’s a few ideas of what to do to keep from going stir-crazy at home.

1) Learn How to Sprout Grains for Bread. Thanks to an encouraging sister, I’m sprouting barley and it is so much fun to watch!

2) Make a Sourdough Bread Starter. I’ve been wanting to do this and finally have 7 days at home to feed my bread!

3)Research ‘Paleo’ and make something new and different. I made paleo ‘cookies’ that made me feel like a health-food Rock Star! Try these Apple Banana Cookies


2 thoughts on “Of Mice and Men…When Things Don’t Go According to Plan

  1. Mariel says:

    You have to give me the recipe for the cookies! I have also been reaserching paleo and learning new ways to eat real food, once you know you can’t go back to your old ways of eating! I’m also learning from the Weston Price website, the raw food people and the plant based diet, trying to gain perspective and find some balance. I soaked cashews last night and am about to make cashew milk 🙂

  2. deeproets says:

    Mariel, Here’s a link to the recipe for the Paleo cookies! http://civilizedcavemancooking.com/grain-free-goodies/apple-banana-cookies/
    How did your cashew milk turn out?

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