Love in Your Family

When the pleasure of giving love becomes greater than the need to receive it, we are walking hand in hand with Christ. When the object of your affection delights in your love, you are fulfilled. Sitting around the dinner table tonight, a spontaneous joy danced from the face of one child to the next as each had their turns hearing what we all love about them. Happy smiles and hand squeezes (three means ‘I love you!’ in our house) opened our mealtime blessing.

As legend has it, St. Valentine performed Christian marriage ceremonies, illegal at the time, centuries ago. What? Not about cupid, roses and a fattening dose of romance? I’ve dwelled on this origin of sacrifice and risk much of the day.

I studied each of my kids today. One needs words of encouragement, another physical touch in the form of tickles and kisses, another won’t admit it but needs cuddling and gifts, and the fourth seems to absorb any and all means of affection.

I made Daddy’s favorite special dinner, Chicken Parmesean, an amazing but way-too-rich Nutella Cheesecake, and a bubbly pink drink for the kids. We watched the all time best romance, Pride & Prejudice, a beautiful film on the character of love.

As our children grow, I am becoming more acutely aware they will someday celebrate Valentine’s Day with their own soul mate and family. I hope and endeavor to pass onto them the fullness of God’s love reflected in the first institution He created…marriage, and family. I pray for their spouses, a simple prayer my faithful mom prayed for each of her daughters…for a man who loves you like God does.

I’ve been blessed with that man. Pray for your own soul mate, pray for your children. Even if you are not yet in the season of marriage and babies. Blessings to you and may the riches of Christ’s love be lavished upon you.

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