One Thing at a Time

Standing at Walgreen’s today the harried pharmacist mumbled something about ‘not being able to do 10 things at once.’ Poor guy. He spoke the words of my heart. Because I have a problem.

When I look at my kitchen island at the end of the day, I see a accurate reflection of my scattered, interrupted thoughts and half-finished tasks. Opened mail, toys to be super-glued, incomplete lists, and other random articles are left as orphans. So instead of trying to meet everyone’s needs at once, my children are hearing the words ‘please wait’ quite often. I’m making a conscience effort to finish one thing before moving onto the next. Is it working? I still feel like I’m running in circles most of the day. Tying shoes, washing dishes, sweeping broken glass and scrubbing jam off the cupboards. l will let my island speak for itself. Tonight its cleared off, and I have surprising peace of mind.

One thing at a time. Just like the Holy Spirit, patiently correcting one area of our lives at a time. Returning attitudes to their proper position. Not moving on until we are again walking in step with the Spirit.

Take the time tomorrow to ask the Lord, what one thing are you speaking? Tune out the chatter and background noise and the ’10 things at once.’ Refuse the temptation to rush. At least for a moment.


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