Frugal Me

I’ve been transformed. While never a big spender……okay, I’m a yearly spender. Meaning when Gap has its winter clearance sale, I don’t hold anything back. And when its time for a new pair of Danskos, groceries will just have to wait. But something really has changed.

It is possible. There is a way. My dreams are possible. In a moment of tortured negative thinking today, I actually asked myself why I had to marry a South African. We don’t get to visit his family. Anyone want to guess how much 6 round-trip tickets to South Africa costs? Yeah, about the same as a new car or a trip to the moon.

Its a matter of numbering our dollars. The post-office lady actually had to take the $2.95 out of my hand today. Its different paying cash.

Did you know there is a physical response of pain in your brain when you pay cash for something? Swiping the credit or debit card doesn’t release the same reaction.

The new, frugal me is watching every dollar that goes out. I have a vision for our finances. Not just to take our family to Africa, Asia, or wherever God might lead us. But to sow money into the Kingdom like Jesus is coming back tomorrow. No more puny $25 checks to missionaries. We have limited resources. And I’m not just talking about money.

The nations are being reached. Every tribe and tongue can hear the gospel in our children’s generation. We need to mobilize ourselves, and apply ourselves, to see this become a reality! Suffering, persecution, and martyrdom are on the rise. There have been more people killed for the sake of Christ in the last 200 years than all of history combined. We are in the end times. And I want to hasten His glorious return! I want to labor for a great reward in heaven. Time is of the essence.

In regards to motherhood, Beth Moore said, ‘the days go by slowly, but the years go by fast.’

Moses also understood this. ‘Teach us to number our days aright, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.’

I bet Dave Ramsey didn’t know you could pull a missions message out of his debt snowball teaching. I know I have been guilty of wasting both time and money. Going through a time of personal loss has given me a strong desire to invest deeply in things that matter. Things that will not be destroyed by moth or rust. James has harsh words for those who live their lives in luxury and self-indulgence while neglecting the poor. But that’s another post. In the meantime, we’ll be eating more daal bhat (who said beans and rice have to be boring!?).


One thought on “Frugal Me

  1. Brian Miller says:

    I know exactly what you mean. I have totally changed my spending habits. I am excited to be able to give like no one else!

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