Coming to Life Again

I told my husband last night I needed his help. Coming to life again. What is the basis for enjoying life?

For me, it is intangible things. Like having a quiet heart.

Its enjoying the people you love and the simple pleasures throughout the day. Its having a mind equipped for the task at hand and strength of heart to face the challenges. It is about clear and focused vision for the future.

God is speaking to me about rest. I admit, I am a poor study at it. To borrow the words of another pastor’s wife, instead of ‘cleanliness being next to godliness,’ I tend to think ‘exhaustion is next to godliness.’

How did my husband pull off 90 hour weeks this summer? Is that something to boast about, or something to repent of. Why on earth do I feel a twinge of guilt when we have a day off??

I did make an honest effort to rest this month. We cleared our calendar of one evening a week. And my husband isn’t going to class or doing clinicals. But not being as busy just isn’t enough.

Its HARD to get away when you have jobs, ministry, 4 wild children. But I am desperate.

True rest involves the spirit. It is a time to draw away, reflect, and meditate on the Word. It engages the mind. Allows for repentance and restoration. A Psalm 23 time.

I think its time for another 5 year letter. Ever written one of these? Imagine yourself five years from now. Write to a friend as if you were reflecting on the past 5 years. What have you accomplished? What things matter? Where is your character and your walk with God? Who is in your life? What victories have you celebrated, what challenges have you persevered through?

Just as the Lover of our Souls wants us to draw away with him, so must we draw away with our covenant partner. Marriage isn’t something that takes care of itself. The last time I wrote a 5-yr Letter, I spent the day in solitude, fully aware marriage was the next step. This time, I need to go spend time at the Fountain of Life, watering a sacred covenant. I believe He will bring me back to life.


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